Thank you for visiting our site. I am Sumiko Fujii, 5th generation family head. Kinryo Shoyu was established in 1880.
My ancestor, first generation Kichizo Fujii, imigrated to Shōdo Island as a doctor from Ako in Hyogo prefecture to start a clinic called "Shouan" in the island.
The origin of the Kynryo Shoyu goes back to the time when Kichizo was interested in Shōdo Island soy sauce that had 400 years of tradition at that time, and started running his own shop with a small soy sauce fermentation vat.

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1880 First family head Kichizo Fujii starts Kinryo Shoyu.
1906 Second family head Shotaro Fujii opens a direct sales store in Namba in Osaka.
1911 "Kinryo" is accepted as a registered trademark by the Japanese patent office.
1916 A new factory in Shōdo Island is built. This is a present location of the company.
1927 With the sudden death of Shotaro Fujii, Shojun Fujii, Kagawa college student at that time,
succeeds family business as a third family head.
1952 "Kyinryo Shoyu Corporation" is established.
1969 Forth family head Yasuhisa Fujii assumes a company president.
1972 The company name is changed to "Kinryo Corporation".
1998 Cultivation of company olive field starts. 52 olive trees are planted.
(In 2014, 582 olive trees are grown.)
2003 The factory and the company building are registered as national tangible cultural properties.
2007 "Kinryo Shoyu" is accredited as "Kinryo Shoyu genuine home product" by Food Industry
Foundation, an affiliated organization of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
2012 Sixth family head Nobuyuki Fujii is born.
October, 2012 Fifth female family head Sumiko Fujii assumes a president.
December, 2012 "Extra virgin olive oil of Kinryo olive field" is accredited as "Genuine home product" by Food Industry Foundation, an affiliated organization of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
2013 Japan Vegetable Sommelier Association, the organization of 50,000 members, held a Seasoning Championship, and "Kinryo Garlic Oil" won the first place in the salad category.


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99% of soy sauce currently sold in Japan is produced with a short fermentation period of 3 to 5 month. And regrettably, with the rapid economic growth, only a few soy sauce companies use original Moromi, the raw material of soy sauce. Now many breweries purchase soy sauce from outside sources and process it.

Our brewery maintains traditional soy sauce fermentation vat that we succeeded from our ancestors. The vat grows in it a 100-years-old yeast plant. We stick to the classical production process of 2 to 3 years fermentation period. Because of this time-honored brewing method, mass production is not possible. We will stubbornly stick to producing Japanese traditional fermented seasoning with our whole heart.

Japanese old proverb "Onkochishin(温故知新)" which means "try to find a guide into tomorrow by taking lessons from the past " is my personal principle. By positively accepting the new ideas, I am determined to succeed our history to the next generation by always valuing our precious traditions.

"By providing Kynryo products, we will help people enjoy meals with great smiles" is our company policy.

Thank you very much for taking your time to read our home page. We sincerely hope that you have happy life with wonderful smiles. However, it is regrettable to say that as we have no staff with English capabilities, some time is required to respond to your inquiries.

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